Friday, 14 June 2013

Headphones for Tablets

I must have gone through well over ten headphones over the last few years. As a result I have started to blog or review these on Headphone Reviews as you can see site is in its infancy. However I thought it might be an apt site to check out should you be looking for the best headphones for tablets.

In other news I have just got myself a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 which has almost made my 7inch Samsung redundant it is so huge! Maybe it is time to get a 10inch tablet with some funds coming from the sale of second hand Samsung 7inch Tablet.

Monday, 18 February 2013

Cheap Android Tablets

A collection of very competitively priced Android Tablets today, check these out.First up is the 7inch at just over £40 now that is a cheap android tablet! Then we have the very popular Kindle Fire which has come down a bit recently, another 7" model next in the form of the M009S and finally a 10.1" tablet at a great price of £129.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Snugg 7 inch Tablet Case Review

I think people often underestimate how important the right case can be for a tablet I had elected to do the same thing I think most people do and that is just buy a generic case assuming that its primary function is going to be to protect the tablet. A good case will make all the differance to a Tablet.

Upon first inspection it becomes clear that this Case is not just any old cheap rubbish it looks like high quality leather, it smells like high quality leather and feels like high quality leather, so I'm going to say this is high quality leather.

With my old case the design was a really tight fit, too tight actually, it made removing the case to give it a dust a real chore. The Snugg Samsung Case is not actually as Snug :) Do not fear though this was another clear sign that Snugg had thought about the Tablet Case design as there was the Velcro strip which really keeps the Tablet firmly in place and allows you to remove it easily. See picture!

Looks wise no complaints, although this is always subjective, I thought it looks great with distinctive stitching and the leather finish means it will not look out of place in a business meeting.

Functionality you have access to all critical buttons, the main event though in terms of functionality is how does it perform as a stand? Quite simply brilliantly, Snugg have a fold which supports the Tablet in the upright position and a tab which the top part of the case folds into. In this position it is strong and robust and you could use it on a Train without fear of it falling over.

So overall then I would say if you are looking for a Tablet case then Snugg should be your first port of call.

I would say this is 9/10, I have used for a few weeks now and have complaints at all!

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Android Tablet Case Review

I got my case on the spur of the moment picked it up in Currys for £28 and it has served me well being a faux leather job for £29.

Recently got emailed by Snugg asking if I would review an Android Tablet Case from Snugg. We will post up our thoughts when it arrives.

Looking at the Ipad Snugg version it looks as though it will a dam site better when it comes to using the case as an stand.

Monday, 6 February 2012

SA8 Android Tablet Review

The Samsung SA8 is getting a lot of press coverage currently due to its aggresive price point. android tablet review. We have included the full technical specifications below but here are thoughts on this device.

This is a cracking little tablet make no mistake. The performance difference is like night and day coming from an older tablet. It performance is very fast for internet browsing and the touch screen is superb. At the current price it is on offer it is well worth buying.

Friday, 6 January 2012

Android Tablet Bargain Less then £100

Finally starting to see some viable Android Tablets on offer for sub £100 price point. For example just noticed that the ARCHOS Arnova 7 G2 Tablet PC 8GB tablet around the £100 price point on Amazon.

Looking around Car Phone Warehouse are doing some decent deals on Tablets with the Archos 7 going for just £74.99. I recently bought a new HTC Desire S and a competitor told me all CPW phones are sim free ready to go.

This is 8gb version but Micro SD slot means you can upgrade. These are not thought to be amazing when it comes to playing games so if Angry Birds is your thing maybe give it a miss.

Friday, 16 December 2011

natpc m009s 7 inch 2gb google android tablet pc review

One of the best value Android Tablets that you can buy today is the natpc m009s 7 inch 2gb google android tablet pc. You can pick this up for under £100 if you shop around.

Reviews for the Tablet are a bit spares though and the only source I have been able to find is Amazon.

Overall these are really positive, the real selling point is the price with some consumers stating that some things in the Android Tablet were not high quality such as the touch screen and custom operating system. They did forgive the tablet these things given the price point.

There is still time to get this as a Christmas gift for someone at a price of under £100 you cannot really go wrong. Here are a few extracts from the reviews that we have collated from around the web:-
If I was being critical then there are a few things that I did not like, the screen is not totally sharp, possibly due to the resistive overlay. The resistive touch screen is alight not amazing by any means but it does scroll quite nicely, sometimes it does seem to misinterpret what you want to do. The screen feels a little vague and, what is the word, plasticity, almost soft under touch.
The biggest downer is the battery life, two hours of use and it is pretty much dead.

Well we hope that helps if you are looking to buy this Android Tablet. If you have any experiance or have any thoughts on this review why not leave us a little comment.